Genex Probe Download Genex Assistant 5.3.0 Download

Genex Probe Assistant 5.3.0

Genex Probe & Genex Assistant 5.3.0

The Probe is an air interface
test software, which is used to collect the test data of the air interface of
the GSM/GPRS/EDGE(2G), WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+(3G), CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO, WiMAX,  LTE(4G) and NR (5G)network. Through the Probe,
the network performance can be evaluated, the network optimization can be guided, and the fault can be rectified. 

This facilitates the data analysis after the log file is imported to other post-processing software (such as GENEX Assistant) or the later data replaying.

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